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Curious what this blog is all about?

I am a woman, a mother, a partner, a daughter and a sister. Focusing on these roles alone is a continuous balancing act. I have been practicing as counselor and psychotherapist for many years. I love what I do. I enjoy seeing people flourish. I am fascinated by human diversity in all its forms. I feel blessed to have found my vocation after some twists and turns earlier in my life.


This blog is about sharing some of the lessons life is teaching me, both in working with my clients and in working with myself. Feeling more balanced and living in greater harmony with ourselves and our surroundings is something many of us aspire to. But how do we approach this momentous task? Sometimes, it seems too daunting to even start.

The quest for balance is an age old and lifelong pursuit. We are in a constant process of change, and so is our environment. Consequently, achieving any sense of harmony in our mind, in our heart and between both mind and heart can only ever be at moments in time. This doesn't make it any less of an achievement. In fact, it is a huge achievement when we are able to integrate different, and often conflicting, parts of ourselves.

Rather than staying in a purely conceptual realm, my goal for these posts is to make ideas relevant and applicable to everyday situations. Because it is in the everyday that we are feeling overwhelmed, confused and out of balance. It is often when we least expect it that we may find ourselves lashing out at the people we love the most. These are not our most glamorous moments...

Writing this blog enables me to bring together the professional and the personal. It allows me to be vulnerable and exposing in a way that may not be appropriate in a client session but that may give you the transparency you need to understand how to apply different mental tools and techniques to yourself.

My aim is to be as honest and as practical as possible in the hope that my posts may be helpful, inspiring and soothing to you.

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